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Discover Tarquinia Italy

On a hill in a panoramic position with view on the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a picturesque town rich in medieval monuments. Worth visiting are the Archaeological Museum, where there is the largest collection of Etruscan art and civilization; the Palace Vitelleschi, in the centre of the town, wonderful Gothic-Renaissance building, and the churches: Santa Maria Val Verde (XIII century); the cathedral, dated back to ancient time, destroyed by fire in 1643 and rebuilt in 1656; Santa Maria di Castello (Romanic church begun in 1121); San Giovanni Battista (once benefice in commendam for the Knights of Malta) with nave and two aisles divided by columns with Gothic apses; the tower of San Pancrazio; the Palace of Priors, the set of buildings of Santo Spirito; the tower and the small church of San Martino.

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