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  • Niki de Saint Phalle Tarot Garden A Capalbio can visit the beautiful Tarot Garden The garden is actually an Art park, inspired partly Park Guell in Barcelona and in part to the Monster Park Bomarzo. It was conceived by Franco-American Niki De

  • Discover Burano Lake The lake of Burano is a zone of international importance and scientific interest. It was classified as international Natural Reserve and since 1980 run by WWF, which also offers guided tours. The Reserve spread out for 410 hectares in

  • Discover Uccellina Park in Maremma The Natural Park of Maremma "Parco dell'Uccellina" : it is the jewel of the Maremma; a wide extent of Mediterranean wood, which spreads out from the plan of Alberese to the sea, from Talamone and the

  • Discover Orbetello Italy Is an important tourist resort and a lively commercial town raising from the lagoon, moreover a destination for many species of birds of passage, including pink flamingos . It has Etruscan origins (parts of the city walls remain and

  • Coming down to the Aurelia road one can also choose among naturalistic routes (lake of Burano, WWF Reserve, sighting point and shelter for aquatic birds; or the State tombolo of Feniglia ) or an historical-archaeological route which goes through the

  • Monte Argentario and island of Giglio: In front of Monte Argentario there are the islands of Giglio and Giannutri. The Island of Giglio is the second isle of Tuscan archipelago and it is 14 Km far from Argentario, with which is

  • Discover Tarquinia Italy On a hill in a panoramic position with view on the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a picturesque town rich in medieval monuments. Worth visiting are the Archaeological Museum, where there is the largest collection of Etruscan art and civilization;

  • Discover Grosseto in Maremma Administrative centre and chief town of Maremma, is now a real town (“Kansas City" was ironically called by the writer Luciano Bianciardi): it is elegant, clean, well organized, with its medieval centre enclosed by Medicean walls, and

  • Discover Tuscania On a wide tableland of tufa, is an historical and artistic town, it was once an Etruscan centre of primary importance, then Roman town, and it largely keeps its medieval setting up. The district of Tuscania and its neighbourhood are

  • Discover Castiglione della Pescaia e Vetulonia Castiglione della Pescaia is an important residential and tourist centre and port, is dominated by an Aragonese castle dated back to XIII c. and it is enclosed by Medicean walls. In the graveyard of Castiglione della

  • Discover Bolsena Lake Not to miss near the lake of Bolsena is the visit to the destroyed town of Castro: it was found in 1537 as capital city of a small state (the duchy of Castro) by the will of Pope

  • Excursion to Florence by car and train Just 190 Km from the Capalbio Resort, it is easy to reach through the Aurelia up to Grosseto, then proceed to Grosseto-Siena and finally the Siena-Florence. It is a marvelous city, rich in history and

  • Excursion to Siena by car It is only 120 km from the Resort Capalbio, it is easily to reach through the Aurelia up to Grosseto, then proceed to Grosseto- Siena and in just 1 hour and 40 minutes you are in

  • Excursion to Rome by car and train Rome is only 130 km away from the Capalbio Resort, it is easily to reach by car or train, through the Rome - Tarquinia highway, travel time about an hour and 30 minutes. Also it

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