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Capalbio by the sea

The Beaches of Capalbio

You can find in Capalbio and in the Argentario area
some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy!

The last strip of the Tuscan coast, the municipality of Capalbio offers kilometers of large and wild beaches and is one of the few places where man and the Mediterranean scrub still manage to coexist in harmony without facing the ravages of urbanization.

The very few bathing establishments that you will find in Capalbio are completely built in wood and blend perfectly with the nature that surrounds them. The remaining coastal stretch (12 Km.) Consists of a free beach that is always very clean.
Guests of the Capalbio Resort can bring their own equipment for the sea and use the shuttle to transport it.

The whole area around the Resort also offers the spectacular beaches of Feniglia di Ansedonia and Porto Ercole and the Argentario cliffs.

A few minutes by ferry you can reach the particular beaches of the island of Giglio, the pristine beaches of the island of Giannutri and finally the marble coasts of the island of Montecristo.

If you are looking for a village to enjoy the sea of ​​Capalbio, our Resort is the ideal destination: close to beautiful beaches to have fun during the day, but far enough away to enjoy a well-deserved rest in the evening!

The most beautiful beaches of Capalbio

The city of Capalbio is undoubtedly one of the most evocative of the Maremma and of Tuscany in general. All this also thanks to a sequence of beautiful beaches, in which you can really get lost. Let’s find out which are the most beautiful beaches in Capalbio.

The geographical position of Capalbio

The charming town of Capalbio borders to the north with Orbetello and to the south with the Lazio region. Its coastline stretches for over 12 kilometers and is considered one of the most beautiful and admired nationally, although it is often little mentioned. The southern part of Tuscany is therefore characterized by this immense expanse of sand, the ideal background for a truly breathtaking scenery.

Capalbio the most beautiful beaches for a truly unique experience

Before discovering which are the most beautiful beaches in Capalbio, it must be said that, in truth, we are talking about a single and wide beach. There are 6 kilometers of free beach and numerous bathing establishments, with high-comfort accesses that allow motorists to go very far with their cars. The sea is pure and crystalline and joins a suggestive sandy bottom. Let’s now discover together some of the most interesting points.


In this case, the name is quite particular but it was chosen to mark one of the most famous and elegant establishments of the Tuscan Coasts: Club La Macchia In this case, the sea is crystal clear.

Defined as the historic beach of Capalbio, the first stretch of coast to be used by the natives precisely because of its wonderful features that mix the wildness of the dune with the blue of the sea.

(Location where we have an agreement with both the Macchiatonda plant and the Ginepro Coccolone)

Il Chiarone – Graticciaia

It is the southernmost beach in Tuscany easily accessible from the Aurelia state road, characterized by unspoiled nature that favors the rediscovery of total tranquility,

Here in Graticciaia you will find one of the most exclusive establishments … the customs, light in color that well preserves the surrounding environment, you will find magic, courtesy and super hospitality

Playa La Torba

This is the western area of ​​the coast of Capalbio, embellished with black sand that becomes more and more nuanced as you head east.

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