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Burano Lake

Discover Burano Lake

The lake of Burano is a zone of international importance and scientific interest. It was classified as international Natural Reserve and since 1980 run by WWF, which also offers guided tours.

The Reserve spread out for 410 hectares in Capalbio borough, province of Grosseto.

The lake is actually a coast brackish pond, wreck of an ancient lake, now-a-days is connected to the sea by a partly artificial canal. The stretch of water has a surface of 140 hectares and an average deepness of one metre. So the lake occupies one third of the total surface of the reserve.

The reserve collects all the natural environment typical of Maremma, starting from the coast, which extends yet uncorrupted for eleven km with the original vegetation, typical for the sandy coast. Behind the coast rises the dune ” the tombolo ” covered by Mediterranean wood, which strengths the land and repairs from the wind blowing from the sea.

The reserve of Burano is equipped with a road-nature, which goes throughout the dune and opens on to the lake in seven sighting points. Moreover there are teaching routes (entomological), a “butterflies┬┤ garden” and a botanic garden dedicated to the flora of the dune.

Inside the reserve there are an area for ducks, especially for the tufted ducks, a shelter point for animal needing cares, and a guest-quarter with a small visit centre equipped with aquariums and teaching materials.

Days and hours of opening

From September 1 to April 30, Sunday at 10:00 hs and 14:30 hs (DST 15:00). On other days, schools and groups booking at the Reserve. Tel: 0564/898 829.
The course was designed and equipped for the physically handicapped engines.
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