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Discover Tuscania

On a wide tableland of tufa, is an historical and artistic town, it was once an Etruscan centre of primary importance, then Roman town, and it largely keeps its medieval setting up.

The district of Tuscania and its neighbourhood are part of the Natural Reserve of Tuscania, which extends for 1900 hectares on a rich territory for what concerns the attractions whether environmental or historical and artistic.

In the historical centre worth visiting are the Renaissance church of Santa Maria del Riposo, which was built in 1495 on the ruins of a former Roman-Gothic building, with a simple front and supported by three strong buttresses and portal of volcanic stone.

Attached to the church there is the Franciscan monastery which now-a-days lodges the National Museum of Tuscania.
Among the several churches worth visiting there are: Santa Maria delle Rose, San Silvestro, Sant’Agostino, San Francesco, Santa Maria Maggiore (wonderful Romanesque church, with Gothic influences, dated back to VIII century, almost all rebuilt in XII c. and consecrated in 1206); San Pietro (wonderful Romanesque-Lombard church, one of the most interesting of the Italian Middle Ages).

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