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The Park of Uccellina

Discover Uccellina Park in Maremma

The Natural Park of Maremma “Parco dell’Uccellina” : it is the jewel of the Maremma; a wide extent of Mediterranean wood, which spreads out from the plan of Alberese to the sea, from Talamone and the mouth of Ombrone river, enclosing also the hills of Uccellina.

The establishment of the park was to preserve undamaged the various natural environments (the Mediterranean wood, the dunes, the area of the mouth of the river), where dozen of birds and numerous local species of animals find shelter and protection, such as wild boar, porcupine, yew, and particularly raptorial and aquatic birds.

From the entrance of Alberese one can choose among several routes (towers, caves, San Rabano, the mouth of Ombrone) with different degree of difficulty, for a visit in total contact with nature, but also to testify how was Maremma, with its marshes, the maremma cows, the thick woods.

Inside the park stands the monumental set of San Rabano, a Romanesque monastery founded by Benedictine at the beginning of XI c.

At the eastern boundary of the park is Magliano, interesting town with longitudinal development, located on a hill cultivated with olive-groves overlooking the amazing panorama till the mountains of Uccellina and Monte Argentario.

The visit leads to the Romanesque church of S.Martino, which was built before the IX c. and rearranged in XIV c., with mullioned windows with two lights in Romanesque style and decorated with votive frescoes of Sienese school (XV and XVI c.), through the Palace of Priors (1425), to the church of San Giovanni Battista dated back to Romanesque times, as the church of Annunziata.

In the town there is a centre for the archaeological documentation. Outside the centre of the town there are the evocative and imposing ruins of San Bruzio, monastery built in Romanesque-Lombard style, began in IX c. by the Camaldolites and finished – perhaps – in XII century.

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